Audio Conferencing


An audio conference is a meeting between two or more people held over the phone instead of in person. There can be one or multiple hosts, and as many guests as you'd like (we can accommodate 1000+ participants).


Audio conferencing helps businesses save time, money and the environment by eliminating the need to travel to face-to-face meetings. Reducing time spent out of the office also increases productivity. Audio conferencing can be used for meetings such as business presentations, training sessions and quarterly result reports.

It's really easy to use - everyone simply joins the conference by entering a dial-in number and an access code on their landline or mobile phone. 


We offer plenty of features to enhance your conferencing experience, and pride ourselves on providing an end-to-end service tailored to your needs.



Video Conferencing

Express offers video conferencing solutions to suit all of your meeting, event and collaboration needs. Connect quickly and easily at a moment's notice to share screens and work together face-to-face with Online Video Conferencing or connect huddle room and conference room spaces with  HD Video Rooms.

Online Video Conferencing


Online Video Conferencing should be used when you need a fast and easy way to meet face-to-face with people via an internet connection on your computer.

With our new online solution you can:

- Host an interactive online meeting with HD audio and video quality.
- Allow guest's to dial-in via phone and listen to your conference.
- Send your guests a web link to join the video conference .
- Share screens with your conference participants.
- Stream slide-show presentations to your audience.
- Enjoy enterprise-grade security via local data centers.


HD Video Rooms

Our HD Video Rooms service brings exceptional HD audio and video quality to your huddle room or conference room, allowing you to connect seamlessly with different hardware units or computers from your video conferencing device.

- HD video and voice - crystal-clear video and audio quality provided by our local infrastructure.
- Adaptable video layouts - ensures an optimised experience for your specific number of guests.
- Collaborate seamlessly - share screens and documents from your hardware device or computer .
- State-of-the-art security - encryption and pass code security ensures your data is secure at all times.
- Audio bridge integration - allow your guests to dial-in to the video conference from their phone.
- Ultimate flexibility - connect with with other hardware units or computers, regardless of the brand or model.
- Operator-assisted services - allow us to connect your guests, monitor the conference or conduct a Q&A session.



Operator-Assisted Conferencing


Need a bit of help with your meeting? An operator-assisted conference can be used when your meeting isn't simple. For example, when you need to host a large conference or you have guests located in remote areas who need help dialling in, having operator assistance can make your conference run more smoothly. 


You can also use our operator-assisted services for celebrity interviews with radio or print media. We specialise in executing seamless consecutive meetings, so you can rest assured that your clients are being looked after by professionals and their interviews run without a hitch.