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Recording Your Conferences


Recording your meetings can be used for clear and accurate minute-taking or for replaying your conference call to people who couldn't attend.


Types of recording options:

1. The host can record each conference manually.

2. Automatically record all your conference calls.


I want auto record


How to record your conference manually

1. To begin, press *2

2. When prompted, start recording, press *1

3. To stop recording, press *2*1

Access your recordings

1. Log in to the recordings portal

Click on the Access My Recordings button below.

Use your username and password (Host Code without the #) to log in. These can be found in your welcome email.


2. Download your recording


Once in the portal, right click on discand select save link asChoose where your download gets saved on your computer.

Change the name of the file to reflect the date or the subject of the conference so that you can easily identify your recordings.

Access my recordings

We can also email the recording to an email address you provide or post a CD to an address you provide.