What is an operator-assisted service?

You can hold straightforward conferences without any help from us, but more complex conferences are better executed by professional experts. When you want your important meetings to run hitch-free, we'll help you host a flawless conference every time.


Our world-class operator-assisted services will save you time, reduce your costs and alleviate the stress often associated with planning and hosting complex teleconferences or large-scale events. Your dedicated account manager will organise everything, leaving you free to focus on your meeting agenda.

How does operator-assisted conferencing work?

Operator-assisted services can help you execute any conference call more difficult than a simple audio conference. Instead of your participants dialling in to conference themselves, an operator can dial some or all participants into conference for you, no matter where they are in the world.


They can also conduct Q&A or voting sessions, introduce presenters and make sure your conference runs without a hitch.

What are the benefits of operator-assisted conferencing?

  • Reduce stress by having experts run your conference for you.
  • Save time by leaving the logistics to an expert.
  • Enhance productivity by leaving your time free to focus on your meeting agenda instead of organising the conference.
  • Improve organisation by leaving the organising up to the experts.
  • Reduce event costs by negating the need for large face-to-face meetings.

Our operator-assisted services



You give our expert operators a list of all your guests and they will join everyone into the call for you. You can rest assured that your meetings will start with all participants in attendance every time. 





Your media interview schedules can be easily managed with this service. Human Resources and Public Relations agencies can also keep their interstate and international job interviews on track. 





Large conferences can be managed by utilising this service. Our operators will ensure your meeting starts on time with all guests in attendance, as well as conduct Q&A or voting sessions if required.