About Express Virtual Meetings

Express Virtual Meetings is an award-winning conferencing provider, offering a wide range of reliable and flexible audio, web and operator-assisted conferencing options. We have been servicing small to medium businesses and large-scale enterprises around the world for over 15 years. 

What We Do

We make long-distance meeting and collaboration easy and pain-free. We help businesses across a variety of industries reduce their meeting-related travel costs and streamline the way they connect and collaborate within an ever-evolving workplace where people are more dispersed than ever. 

Our Mission

Customer experience is at the heart of everything we do. It’s not just about providing affordable conferencing to our customers. We strive every day to ensure the delivery of a complete end-to-end service, from getting started with a conferencing account right through to reporting and invoicing. Our empowered, close-knit team works together to provide 24/7 expert support and flexible, scalable conferencing services that can grow with the needs of our customers. 

Yes We Can!

Whether it's setting up a conferencing account for an instant one-off meeting, a series of ongoing scheduled meetings, managing celebrity interviews with broadcast and print media, or coordinating large complex virtual events for 1000+ participants, we always say, "yes we can!"